Probate: The Legal Proving Of A Deceased Person's Wishes (The Will)

Someone who unexpectedly inherits a home from a deceased relative can be  unprepared to deal with the often-confusing dealings of the probate process. 

Probate is the legal process that ultimately determines the rightful owners (heirs/beneficiaries) of a deceased person's property. 

Who sets the rules for Probate?

Every state in the US sets its own set of laws that control the Probate courts within its borders. Additionally, some specific counties introduce additional regulations in their jurisdictions. Many states have enacted all or part of the Uniform Probate Code (UPC). That said, 33 of the 51 jurisdictions in the United States have not adopted the entire UPC.

In California, the seven-step Probate process is supervised by the Superior Court in the county of the decedent's primary residence at the time of death.

The person nominated as executor in decedent's Will should open probate within (30) days of the decedent's death. 

If the will does not name a successor nominee, or the decedent died without a will, probate may be opened by any family member, heir or interested person. The seven-step process applies to all Probate matters, those with wills and those without wills.

How long does the inheritance process take?

According to the study of the Probate process done by AARP in 2017, the average time to distribute an estate in the United States is 17 months. Most heirs are extremely surprised that they won’t receive their rightful inheritance for a full year and a half.


Yes. In Los Angeles County of California, the probate judge determines the timing for selling the property. The process is well organized but it is a legal process involving lawyers and court proceedings.  Other "players' are involved as the Probate judge may appoint executors and Personal Representatives to administer the estate, pay the debts owed by the decedent and distribute the assets.  

The ease of selling a property depends on the property itself. 


Several steps can be taken early in the Probate process that can insure you a better sale price on your property and less time selling it. The property value can become a time-delayer because the Court appointed Inspector does not have to go into the property to do a 'due diligence' inspection.  

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